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Since 1987 ADIGE have been developing and applying laser cutting technology for tubes and have created a completely automatic system that takes the product from initial bundle to finished part. Hundreds of varied applications around the world have contributed to ADIGE’s wealth of experience and enhanced their position as a market leader.

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ADIGE sawing and endmachining machines for short lenghts are the result of more than 50 years of experience. These machines can be used to cut tubes and solid bars with the following materiels, steel, high resistance alloy steel, aluminium and brass. This is possible by using a large range of special accessories and cutting heads.

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Since 1951, ADIGE proposes production equipments for the cut of rand tubes and special tubes (square, rectangular, oval). These machines were supplemented by deburring and washing equipments for tubes. ADIGE sawing equipments have the following characteristics : - Solidity of mecanic costruction. - High productivity. - Fast set up.

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The BLM range of CNC tube benders is designed to minimize labour productivity and produce high quality formed tubes with a broad offer of diverse solutions: tube benders with one or two bending heads, with left and/or right hand bending, with fixed or variable radii, from straight bar o coil, reducing setup times with up to 8 sets of tooling mounted at one time. Loading and unloading devices are also integrated in fully automatic cycle. Powerful new software is available to reduce setup times and increase productivity compared to manual setup procedures.

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The combination and the integration of end-forming, cutting and machining operations on a single machine has increased efficiency, accuracy and quality standards making small batches as cost effective as larger ones. BLM end-formers cover a wide range of diameters and applications: automotive, furniture, heating and air conditioning, bicycles and motorcycles, construction and many more special applications. Special purpose solutions are also available with loading and unloading devices, either stand alone or linked to other processes, up or down flow.

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The ability to meet customer’s special requirements for fully automated manufacturing cells and processes of tubular components is one of BLM GROUP’s most distinctive feature. A dedicated Manufacturing Processes Division within the BLM GROUP takes care of all the requirements and delivers turn key solutions. All technical aspects are analysed and decided together with the end user from the beginning to the final acceptance.

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The more and more urgent demands of the market in terms of certification, control of quality and "discards zero" they have the use of tools of measure that are used for guaranteeing both the quality of the used and the quality of the produced. The three-dimensional systems of measure and control offered by BLM, can be : out line, connected to the unities of bending ; they facilitate the planning cars and relative correction of the programs in real time, avoiding discards and with ample advantages of time and cost ; integrated in line in cells of production automatized with harvest of the data to statistic use

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LT COMBO - Integrated system for sheet metal and tube

LT COMBO is an integrated laser based flat sheet and tube cutting system capable of changing configuration in three minutes. Three versions are available: tube only, sheet metal, integrated sheet metal and tube Two versions are available: with fully automatic loading and unloading devices for flat sheet materials, or with fully automatic loading and unloading devices for tube only.

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Double head bending machine for wire, profile and tube

All-electric double headed bending machine (5 axes in machines working from bar – 6 axes in machines
working from wire coil) with 3D graphical interactive programming software BLM - VGP3D.
The patented DH2010VGP automatic, double head bending machine, starting from coil or straight lengths,
doubles productivity rates and completes all the operations in one cycle even for complex wire or tubular
shapes. Equipped with two bi-directional bending heads (clockwise and counter-clockwise), with variable
radius bending facility. Ideally suited for medium and long parts with many bends, symmetrical or asymmetrical
and closed frame structures mainly used by the following industries: automotive, household appliances, indoor
and out-door furniture, shop displays and electrical heaters.

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